Electronic & Optoelectronic Instruments

Optoelectronic - Thermal camera & AVIO TVS 2000 MK line scanner calibration - stirling cooler refurbishing - InSb sensor - floppy disk drive unit repair - spare parts, replace, repair and maintenance.


Last generation instruments of microwave pulsed technology.



What’s what in science of materials and cultural heritage

Even if your target’s in sight, you need to be sure of your aim.


Capillary rising damp - From the science to the fantasy. Why?

Capillary rising damp ok very good business but too often resulted in a waste of the clients' money and resources. Why?

Where ignorance is bliss, ‘tis folly to be wise.






Science and Engineering for Historic Preservation - Ancient Castles, Towers, Mansions, Monuments & Fountains.





Easily and economically transformation of an expensive excavation in a remunerative open air museum. How Can Governments boost the Local Economic Impacts of Tourism? Science and Engineering for Archaeological artifacts & excavation.



Science of wood & Wood pathology - Conservation of ancient materials - Lithification technology - Last generation microwave pulsed technology for pest control – Pathology on structural glued laminated timber.



Parquet & Wood flooring industries – Wood floor pathology’s - Wood adhesives & chemical formulations - Plants & productive process - Training seminars.




R&D electronic & optoelectronic instruments

Materials engineering - Testing & Survey - Expert witness - Materials pathology - Process improvement

Adhesives - Wood & Wood flooring - Building materials Matrix composites - Organics and Inorganics materials




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